The Brewmaster: Chris George.

After 6 years of microbrewing, Chris found his niche: creating craft brews for Riverside patrons to enjoy. Come in and sample his work! With seven brews to choose from, you'll be sure to find more than one to enjoy.

The Brews:

With all of the beers to choose from, some can't decide. If you're one of those people, try the Riverside Beer Sampler--seven beers in 4 oz mugs for $8.95.

Muenchen Maedchen Helles

Our Munich Light Lager is light in color but long on flavor: malty, nutty, sweet, with just the right complement of bitterness to make it balance properly. This clear gold draft quenches the thirst and makes those last days of summer just a little more tolerable.

Main Street Amber Ale

Our signature beer is a flavorful amber-colored ale brewed with malted and caramelized barley and balanced with four types of hops for bitterness and aroma.  This bittersweet medium-bodied light copper-colored beer is a great ale of the time!

Dizzy Blonde Weiss

The cloudy look is characteristic of this Bavarian Style "hefe weizen" - an unfiltered wheat beer  with banana and clove flavors obtained by  fermenting the barley and wheat with a special yeast strain from Germany.

Bent River Berry Weiss

A dash of fruit flavor livens up our Weiss beer for a light, citrus spice that will refresh

and restore. Be sure to ask what berry is featured this month: raspberry, cherry,

strawberry, blueberry.... (Currently:Raspberry; Next:???)

Luna Negra Espresso Stout

Have you ever had a cup of coffee so thick, so deliciously bittersweet, so insanely delicious that you wish it would never end? Yeah, this is that good. Ten percent oats in the grist lends a silky texture and a nutty presence to a beer steeped with twelve pounds of locally roasted Dunn Brothers' espresso roast coffee.  The coffee adds a flavor to an already robust brew that is incomparable in its aroma and palate. It's on until it's gone!

The Brewmaster's Choices (as of September 25th, 2014)

Brewer in the Rye

Our homage to roggenbiers of the past, this beast includes ten percent rye in the grist to drive a spicy, assertive malt character that is backed up by American Mt. Hood hops.  Leaving it unfiltered gives it that quintessential American character: rough and ready but with that touch of tradition that makes it unforgettable.

Potzsch's Pilsner

A true Czech Pilsner with nearly ten pounds of Saaz hops in there.  Deliciously malty and complemented by the tell-tale spice of the Saaz, this one is a classic and a delicious addition to our lineup.  Stop in and try some before Summer takes it away...

Clev's Aged Old World Oktoberfest

Here until it's gone.  And just in case some of you can't make it in, we brewed a second batch of this one...


10 oz glass: $3.50     Pint Glass: $4.50     23 oz. Weiss Glass $5.50    Pitcher: $13.50

The  Micro-brewed Sodas

Orange Cream

Orange, vanilla, creamy---like orange sorbet in a glass!

Try with ice cream as an Orangecreamsicle for $2.95!

Riverside House Root Beer

Molasses, wintergreen and a secret blend of flavors make this one a favorite for kids

and adults alike.

Add ice cream for a spectacular root beer float for  $2.95!

Happy Hour

From 3-5 pm on Monday through Friday, enjoy $1 off all sizes of microbrews!



Take home the flavor!

Want to enjoy the brews outside the restaurant?

You can purchase a

growler filled with

your beer of choice

for only $15! Bring it back and refills are $13.

Can't get enough of

the soda? A

growler-full of

either is only $8,

with refills being $6.

What's a growler?

A 1/2 gallon glass jug perfect for take-out!.


Brewery tours

Available by appointment; please call (262)334 2739 to make arrangements.


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Upcoming brews:


Devil's Draught Munich Dunkel

Flyin' Squirrel Nut Brown Ale


Holiday Porter



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